Power pole tags are necessary to properly mark and identify power poles for maintenance and inspection services. If you're looking for a set of your own, going the customized route with a manufacturer may be best for a couple of reasons.

Include More Elements

You can get more use out of power pole tags by incorporating as many elements as you can into them. This is only going to be possible if you find a tag manufacturer and customize these resources yourself. Then you can add impactful graphics or information that make it easier for professionals to identify specific power poles.

For instance, you can include information about where the power pole came from, how often it needs to be serviced, and the organization that is in charge of caring for it. Whereas if you just chose standard tags, you're left to standard elements that may not be as informative.

Ensure Lettering and Numbers are Easy to Read

In order for power pole tags to be helpful in properly identifying specific poles for maintenance and repairs, the tags need to be readable. You'll have more control over this when you find a manufacturer that accepts custom orders for power pole tags.

You'll have a lot of choices as far as sizes and styles for both lettering and numbers. You can ensure both elements are easy to read and remain so for the foreseeable future. You'll just need to consult with the manufacturer to see what style and sizing varieties they can support before manufacturing begins.

More Durable Properties 

Perhaps one of the most important qualities to get in power pole tags is durability. Then you won't have to constantly check on these tags to make sure they're still readable or usable. If you customize power pole tags with help from an experienced manufacturer, you have access to more durable properties compared to standard options.

That's because you can specifically state what type of coatings you want applied to the tags after they're formed and customized to your liking. It might be a coating that's waterproof or a coating that's heat-resistant. There are more options in this regard when you customize these tags.

If you need to put tags on power poles as to mark them for maintenance or repairs later, then you might want to go the custom route with a manufacturer. That will open up your options as far as coatings, font styles, and sizes.