Opening up a local diner can put you in a special position within your community. Not only do you get to serve your neighbors the best food around, but you also have the opportunity to keep everyone in the loop with what is happening with your restaurant. After you've done all the essential work for setting up your diner such as arranging the tables and chairs, you're ready to start focusing on the details. Countertop easel plastic sign holders are versatile pieces that you can use in the following ways to reach out to your customers and keep them coming back for your next daily special.

Create a Touch-Free Menu

Restaurant owners experimented with online menus and scannable QR codes during the height of COVID. While it's still great to offer these options, you may find that some customers still prefer the old-fashioned style of menu. Countertop easel plastic sign holders make it easy to fuse the need for stringent hygiene with an old-style menu. Simply put your menu in the holder so that your customers can read it without touching it. Your crew can easily wipe it down between customers as an extra precaution against spreading germs.

Make Advertising Specials Easier

Whether you're whipping up an all-you-can-eat pancake morning or offering a daily special for each day of the week, you may want to make sure that everyone knows about it. You can easily preprint signs for specials that you know you'll be offering frequently. Then, just swap out your signs as needed so that everyone knows what you're excited to offer that day.

Place Special Event Notices at the Register

Diners are often a go-to place for people to socialize, and you can let everyone know about what you're hosting next. Whether you've got a live band coming in on Friday evening for a sock hop or you're offering a midday holiday lunch for seniors, you can tell everyone all about it by placing a notice on the easel. While you might put menus on the tables, a countertop easel fits right in on the point-of-purchase counter where you'll entice guests to come back again.

Engage Customers With Photo and Art Displays

As a hub of the community, you want to make everyone feel at home. Plastic easels are also a great way to create a tabletop or counter display that involves everyone. Do you have a food challenge that you encourage guests to take part in? If so, then you can put the winners' photos on display. Or, encourage the kids to color a special picture. When they're done, you can put the pictures on the easel for everyone to admire.

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