Do you want the most effective vehicle fleet graphics for your business cars and trucks? Then you need to know these 3 often surprising things about vehicle graphics to get the most attention and have the most impact. 

1. You Can Make Them Reflective

How well do your graphics work at night? If you aren't using reflective materials, you are missing out on 8 to 12 hours of marketing every day. Reflective wraps, decals, and cutouts can make striking signs at night, complementing the visual impact of other elements during the daytime.

Even if your cars or trucks are parked at night, depending on how they are parked, they can serve as effective secondary signage as cars and pedestrians pass. 

2. You Can Scale Them As Needed

Custom graphics can be as large or as small as the situation needs them to be. Scale up an individual logo to provide a single focal point on a large surface like a box truck or trailer. Or use the extra space to add a little more enlarged branding elements. But you can also scale down that logo for smaller vehicles, even down to the owner's personal motorcycle or a company delivery bike. 

The flexibility of vehicle signage means you can ensure that every element is large enough to be seen as cars and people pass by. A good sign company can also help you determine the ideal size and complexity for the speed and crowd levels you expect. 

3. You Can Use Seasonal Graphics

Did you realize you can change vehicle graphics as often as you like? Because they are designed to be temporary, they are interchangeable. So, instead of just advertising your name and number all year long, you could target graphics to current interests.

An auto body shop, for instance, might change its graphics after hail storms to highlight its hail repair service. You could advertise spring or holiday specials. Or a local shop in a university town might welcome new students to its area in the fall. The options are only limited by your seasonal and cyclical changes. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about any of these methods of increasing the effectiveness of your vehicle graphics? Start by meeting with a sign company in your area that specializes in fleet graphics. They will help you find the best ways to reach your marketing goals. Make an appointment today.