One thing that you may not pay much attention to in your business is the exit signage. While you are likely familiar with the traditional electric exit sign, you should really consider using photoluminescent exit signs for the following reasons. 

No Batteries

A traditional electric exit sign must remain lit at all times, even if there is a power outage. This means that all of the signs need to have batteries in them as backup power sources. Using batteries also means that you need to swap out those batteries after a period of time, which is expensive and time-consuming. 

When you use a photoluminescent exit sign, it does not require any electricity at all to glow. The signs take the active light that shines on the sign during the day and then give off that energy by glowing. If your local building codes allow photoluminescent signs to be used for your exit signs, know that you'll no longer need to worry about battery replacement in signs.

In addition, those traditional exit signs consume a lot of energy all year round. Even when you switch to LED lights, the exit signs still consume unnecessary electricity. That's why you should consider replacing them with photoluminescent exit signs that use no electricity. 

No Testing

Electric-powered exit signs also require regular testing. This requires going to each individual sign and testing it to make sure that the battery still works and then running the exit signs off the battery for an extended amount of time each year. You're required to keep a log of these tests and must present the logs if you have a building inspection. You won't have to test a photoluminescent exit sign because there is nothing to test. The sign simply works without any power source, so you don't have to worry about the sign failing when you need it to work

No Bulb Replacement

Light bulbs are not going to last forever — not even LED lights that are supposed to have a longer lifespan. Know that light bulbs are not supposed to be left on indefinitely, and you'll eventually have to replace those bulbs. Once again, this is not an issue if you go with a photoluminescent sign since the material is going to radiate light and glow without the need for a light bulb. No light bulbs also mean no maintenance, so it is one less thing that you have to worry about over the years.