If you're opening a self-storage facility, you'll want to find a local custom sign company that can produce the various types of signs that you need. A storage facility should have several types of signage throughout its property, each of which can send important messages to its customers. Out front, you might want a large monument sign with a digital display panel, as this feature will allow you to share a wide range of relevant details about your business. In addition to the usual content — your facility's name, website, phone number, and more — here are some details that you should include on your self-storage facility's sign.

Units Information

Many storage facilities have a wide range of unit sizes, so this is information that prospective customers will want to know. Work with your custom sign company to come up with a way to share these details. For example, if you have three different unit sizes, you should clearly share this information with wording such as "10 feet x 10 feet." Include other details that are relevant to the units, such as they're equipped with power and lights, and that they're climate-controlled. You may also want to reveal the price per month for each size of the unit.

Security Information

Security is an important topic for self-storage customers, who want to feel confident that their stored items will be safe. On your sign, you'll want to include some mention of the security measures that you have in place. For example, you might just want to share a few key terms. This could appear as a bulleted list with terms such as "on-site staff," "camera monitoring," and "controlled access." If there's another facility in your area that doesn't use signage to illustrate the security precautions that it takes for its customers, this could compel some prospective customers to choose your facility instead — all because you've chosen to be informative on your sign.

Rental Term Information

Different storage facilities have different rental terms that are available to customers. At many facilities, you rent by the month or year, but some places occasionally have minimum terms. In other words, a facility might be a three-month minimum. If you don't have minimum terms, this is information that will be appealing to prospective customers. You should convey this information on your sign — for example, it could read, "Rent By The Week Or Month — No Minimum Term." This is another type of wording that could push people to your business instead of other facilities in the community.

If you're thinking your current signs might be outdated, talk to a custom sign shop today to get the details corrected.