If you are a home builder or an architect, and you are trying to expand your customer base and compete with some of the more digitally and technically proficient professionals in your field, there are some things you want to do. If you have been in the industry for years and you think you are losing business because you don't use technology for marketing, you are missing out. Here is a list of things that you want to do so you can keep up with your competitors, and so you are able to expand and improve your business.

House Model 3D Printing                     

When people come to your office to look at the designs that you have created, they may be able to better envision the house if there is a large 3D model of it. This is also a great way to decorate the office workspace and help the clients visualize what the actual exterior and layout of their home will look like.

Work with a large format 3D printing company to make sure that your housing designs come out to scale and as they should be proportioned. You will want to update the models in the office as you start to create new designs or do a house you think will really catch the eyes of the potential home builders.

Virtual Tours

Looking at pictures of different rooms in a model home or in a home that you just created isn't enough anymore. You want to offer a virtual tour that allows people to look through the house as if they were walking, and that will show both the floors. These are very popular, and they can help the buyer envision where they will put furniture, what rooms are best for what family members and more.

Interactive Design Customizing on the Website

Allow the potential building clients to customize the house that they want by changing things on current houses you have pictures of. With the option for them to change a blue house to one with white siding and to change black countertops to white marble in the picture, they can better see what they want in the space. These programs are great for customers that have specific tastes and know what they want.

If you have been a home builder or a house designs and architect for years, and you feel that you are on the slow side of technology, it's time to change things. Start with these options and watch your customer base grow.