If you are leasing a space for a restaurant but you're starting on a trial basis, you may want to opt for a vinyl banner rather than a more permanent sign. There are a number of details that you need to consider throughout this process. Here are some tips to help you hone in on the right type of sign for your needs.

1. Use Consistent Brand Imagery

Ideally, the vinyl banner you hang above your new restaurant space should have consistent imagery with your brand throughout the rest of your sales and marketing. To that end, the logo that you use for print advertising, on your social media accounts, and on your menus should all mirror the logo used on your signage.

The font you use for your restaurant name and any other distinguishing features should also be the same. This helps with branding. When people see your brand repeatedly, it sticks in their mind, and when your establishment is in people's minds, they are more likely to come to your restaurant or recommend it to friends.

2. Think About Color Psychology

When developing your brand image, think about how different colors impact your brand. To that end, you may want to look into color psychology. For instance, blue tends to be the most satisfying to the most people, while yellow tends to be the least satisfying. Orange tends to represent good value, and red tends to reduce analytical thinking. If you want to create any of those vibes when people see your sign, you may want to integrate those colors accordingly.

3. Consider the Logistics

In addition to designing your vinyl banner, you also need to think about the logistical issues. Before ordering your vinyl banner, make sure to carefully measure the space where you are going to hang it. There are a vast rangs of sizes that may work for different locations.

In addition, if you are using the banner to cover up permanent signage on the location, you need to ensure that it is large enough to do that. You also need to choose a vinyl that is thick enough so that the old signage doesn't show through.

4. Opt for Multiple Grommets

Usually, when hanging a vinyl sign, you need to attach it to the building with ropes looped through grommets. To prevent the banner from flapping in the wind, you need grommets at least in all four corners, but if the sign is wide or long, you may need additional grommets along the sides to firmly anchor it into place.

Also, adding additional grommets makes it easier to use the sign for different functions in the future. For example, if you decide to stay in that leased space and put up a more permanent sign, you may end up using the banner for catering events, trade shows, or on a food truck. If it has multiple grommets, you can display it in a range of ways.

5. Make It Visible to Pedestrians

Finally, think about the sign's visibility. As a general rule of thumb, fonts can be seen perfectly ten feet away for every inch they have in height. For example, if your letters are four inches tall, pedestrians should be able to see them perfectly at a distance of about 40 feet.

On top of that, although the view may not be perfect, most large fonts tend to be visible at an even greater distances than that. For instance, four-inch letters can be seen from 150 feet away. That can be enough to pique someone's interest so that they come closer until they can see the sign perfectly.

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