Attending a tradeshow is a great way to bring in new clients. It's something you may plan on doing as a way of networking, letting people know about the services your business provides, and making real connections that will turn into a greater profit for the business. However, there will likely be a lot of other businesses at the tradeshow, so you have to be prepared to impress those in attendance.

Pick Out the Right Signs

Use signs around your tradeshow booth to grab attention as quickly as possible. The design of the tradeshow signs you use could attract more people to come over to your booth to discuss the services you offer. If the design doesn't appeal to the general audience, most people won't bother to come over to your booth at all, which would be a major disappointment.

Retractable signs are a great option for tradeshows. You can pull them out and adjust them near your booth. You'll have to decide what you want to have printed on these signs.  Most business owners who are attending tradeshows will have their logo printed on at least one sign. Make sure the graphics are top notch. You could use the additional space on the sign to include intriguing and essential information about the advantages of your business so that people have a better idea of why they should choose to work with your company.

Have a Contest Planned Out

Bringing the foot traffic over to your tradeshow booth is important. Aside from using the right signage for your display, you should consider planning out a contest that will motivate people to come over to your booth and talk to you. For example, you could fill up a large container with jelly beans and then ask people to take a guess as to how many jelly beans are actually in the jar. The person who comes close to making the most accurate guess would win a neat prize. Give the tradeshow attendees something to look forward to. Having a contest is a fun way to break the ice, meet plenty of people, and potentially get more people to work with you simply by getting them to come over to your booth.

Hand Out Some Neat Goodies

Don't forget to promote your business even further by handing out some neat goodies, such as pens, t-shirts, hats, and reusable bags that have your logo on them. The tradeshow attendees will love receiving these free items. The best thing about it is that you get to make people happy while potentially getting more attention for your business when people decide to wear or use the free merchandise you've provided.

Be prepared for a tradeshow with the best signs, a fun contest, and some neat goodies for the attendees. Make your impression and bring in new clients with no problem.