Are you a teacher? Perhaps you are the head of a department at your work place. It might be that you are working on sales presentations. From doing research to buying one-inch letter board plastic letters, here are some ideas that might help you to make excellent presentation boards.

Do Some Research -

  • Go through books and magazines to see what catches your eye the most.
  • Look at displays in stores and other places of business for ideas.
  • Study ways that things were presented in the past.
  • Keep a file of all of your ideas so they'll be accessible to you.

As you do your research, you might get ideas for your own presentation boards. Think of combining ideas, too. For example, you might find an attractive advertisement in an old magazine. You realize that that type of advertisement would be great when paired with lettering you saw on a billboard. Combine old lettering with more contemporary lettering. For instance, Spencerian script in bold lettering might work really well with school-type printing. Just try things out to see what works well together. 

Do The Work -

  • Accumulate items that you know would add to your presentation board.
  • For example, use amazing photographs as part of your display.
  • Buy things to make your display three-dimensional.
  • For example purchase one-inch letter board plastic letters.

One-inch letter board plastic letters might add a great deal of interest to your presentation board. For instance, if you are making a presentation on a particular item that you are selling, use the plastic letters to spell out the name of the item at the top and at the bottom of your presentation board. You can also combine the one-inch letter board plastic letters with actual handwriting. For example, in writing a word like Dynamite, use the D plastic letter to start the word, but then finish it with a contrasting colorful broad felt-tip pen.

One-inch letter board plastic letters come in a variety of colors, which means they'll add drama and interest to your presentation. They're affordable and you can even reuse them. Think of storing several types and colors so that you'll be able to access them when you are creating more presentation boards. And, think of photographing your own work, as you might use your own ideas in the future. Keep the photographs in a file along with other ideas that you have accumulated,