Whether you're just starting out in the real estate business or whether you're long-established, you'll still need to get the word out about the properties you're selling. This can be done by online advertisements, physical signage, and more. In fact, there are whole companies built around real estate signs. Here are three types of signs you should be leveraging in order to get out the word about yourself, your real estate business, and the properties you have available:

1. Signs with riders

A simple sign in the front yard of a house you're trying to sell can be effective, especially if well-designed and well-customized, but a rider that says "OPEN HOUSE" or "FOR SALE" or something else appropriate in large red all caps can really help get people's attention. And you can switch out the riders based on what's appropriate for that day (i.e. based on whether there's an open house that day, whether the property is still available or has just sold, etc.) for maximum flexibility.

2. V signs

V signs form a corner and display the same information on both sides, which makes it easy for people to see the information from both directions. This is especially useful if the property is at a corner or crossroads and you want perpendicular traffic to get the message as well. These signs, like other real estate signs, can be customized for maximum effectiveness.

3. Car magnets or wraps

If you don't want to do a full-body car wrap, perhaps because you don't have the budget for it, you should at least put a magnet sign on your car to advertise your business. A full-body sign is much more eye-catching, though, which can make it much more effective. Plus it can be viewed from multiple angles, and if designed well, can provide your business information to onlookers on all sides of your car. Car wraps are great because they can catch the attention of people caught in traffic near you, and they're likely to actually notice it because it's visually interesting and they're bored. Of course, that doesn't mean they're going to call you right away, but it increases your brand name recognition.

These three types of signage are all useful for real estate businesses, whether used in front of houses you're selling or wrapped around your car. Be sure to integrate multiple types of signage into your business practices for optimal results.

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