A sign to identify your business is a must, but it's worthwhile to give some thought to how that sign should look. A brightly lit, neon sign can be effective for businesses such as fast food restaurants and convenience stores. If your business is significantly more refined, however, you want to go with something more suitable. While you might still want a traditional lit sign, a custom brass plaque mounted near the front door of your establishment sends a message of class, sophistication, and elegance. If these are attributes that you want to portray to your customer base, a custom brass plaque is the right choice for your business. Here are three businesses for which this type of sign is a must:


As an accountant, you want to send a message that you're professional and successful — without this message, customers may not be comfortable entrusting you with their financial records. One way to send this message is with a custom brass plaque mounted outside your door. It can include the name of your accounting firm or if you simply work for yourself, your name. Your accounting credentials should immediately follow your name, as well as the names of any associates who work with you.


While some attorneys use neon signs gaudy television commercials to attract clients, you might want to run your law practice in a different manner. If a degree of sophistication suits you, a custom brass plaque on the door of your law office is a smart investment. If you're practicing by yourself, your name and credentials can easily fit on the plaque. If you have a small firm with other attorneys, the name of the firm and the names of each attorney and their credentials will give people looking for legal representation confidence in your professionalism before they even set foot in your door.


A spa is a drastically different type of business than an accounting firm of a law firm, but it's nonetheless one that seeks to give its customers a refined and professional appearance. That's why many spas use stunning physical locations, such as historic stone houses, from which to operate. A custom brass plaque next to the door of your spa gives customers an instant feeling that they're about to enter a professional and high-class location, which can help them to relax and feel at home — and that's exactly what you want them to feel.

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