Do you feel like you already spend a lot of time marketing your business online? Now that you've taken care of that aspect, you may want to move forward and start testing out some offline marketing techniques. There are different ways to bring in foot traffic and connect with the locals.

Hand Out Samples of Your Products

One effective way to attract customers to the business is to set a table up outside of the store while offering some free samples of different products. The locals may notice the table with the free items and decide to come over to check them out. They might even start talking to you about the products you're selling to find out more about how the products are made and what they're capable of doing. Once they give the samples a try, they may fall in love with what you sell, and come back a short time later to make a purchase.

Use Temporary Signs Outside of Your Business

Consider using temporary signs to bring in even more business. You could use these signs for just about anything. If you're offering a discount, having a special promotional sale, or even handing out some free samples of your products, it helps to have a sign that lets people know about it. When you're getting these signs custom-made for the business, make sure you're consulting with the designers. You should select beautiful colors and legible font styles that are going to impress those potential customers and get their attention.

Plan Out a Special Charitable Event

Do something for a good cause in the community. Plan out a special event that includes donating a portion of the funds earned on a specific day to a local charity of your choice. You may want to donate the funds to domestic violence survivors who are living in shelters in the area. Pick a cause, let people know about the date of the charitable event, and watch as many people decide to visit your business to help support the charity. Not only is this a way to bring in more foot traffic, but it gives you the opportunity to give back to the people who are truly in need.

If you've already got the online marketing handled and you're looking for different ways to start marketing offline, you could start handing out some small samples of products, using attractive signs to inform people of discounts or deals, and planning a charitable event. These simple techniques could help you build your local client base.Contact a sign company, like Sign Services Inc, for more help.