Even though summer of 2017 is now a thing of the past, you are probably looking forward to the beautiful autumn days that are perfect for outdoor entertaining. And, of course, spring and summer of 2018 will be here before you know it and you'll be able to entertain outside again. Are you adding a new patio to your home? If you have decided to design the patio with a French theme, from selecting the flooring to adding an awning, here are some ideas on how to design a patio with a French theme that will be perfect for relaxing and for entertaining:

The Flooring - This is just a logical place to start your patio design.

  • Consider having a flagstone floor or a pebble floor that is reminiscent of old French villages.
  • Another idea is to select concrete that can be faux painted to look like a cobblestone road or a brick road.
  • Any of those materials will be very easy to care for, as all you'll have to do is spray them with your water hose.

The Furniture - Go with wrought iron furniture!

  • Choose an intricate pattern that looks like it is antique furniture.
  • Black or dark green would be great choices for the paint on your wrought iron furniture.
  • If you want something brighter, choose a color like turquoise which will add interest to your patio.

An Awning - Think of adding an awning which will give your patio the look of a French sidewalk cafe.

  • Besides being super attractive, adding an awning to your patio will mean that you can entertain outdoors even if it's raining.
  • Choose colorful stripes for your awning design to add extra pizzaz to the area.
  • Today's awnings are great because you can open and close them almost without any effort on your part.

Extra Touches - Think of extra touches that will complete the French look you want to establish.

  • For example, place topiaries, hanging ferns and other plants in clay pots in strategic places.
  • Think of creating wooden signs that have French expressions on them. For example, the signs could say things like Vive Le France and BienvenueMes Amie.
  • In addition, buy little statues of the Eiffel Tower that you can place in strategic places.

A multi-tiered water fountain would be a great focal point for your French-themed patio. Surround it with decorative birds that you might find in boutiques and in antique shops. Contact a company like FI Sign and Awning for more information and assistance.