Electrical transformers are needed in neighborhoods in order to ensure that all homes have electricity. But these transformer boxes can also be dangerous, so it is important  to know what to look for, especially if you have a transformer box on your property. Use the following tips to keep you and your family safe around residential electrical transformer boxes in your area:

Know Where Transformer Boxes are Located

Whether on your property or down the street, it is important to know where transformer boxes are located in your neighborhood. If you happen to have a transformer box on your property, make sure that any children in your household are aware of where it is, what it does, and how dangerous it can be. It is in your best interest to make sure that your children and any children that visit your home realize that they should stay away from a transformer box and never play around it or climb on it.

Respect the Transformer Box

While having a transformer box on your property or in close proximity is not ideal, a healthy dose of respect towards it can go a long way. No one in your household should ever try to open the transformer box, tamper with it, or build or plant anything that can obstruct the utility company from being able to access it easily. 

Look for a Transformer Label

A transformer label uses words and pictures to let people know about the dangers of being near or tampering with a transformer box. While most transformer labels are durable and long-lasting, over time a transformer label can fade due to the suns rays or flake off after too much rain. If you have a transformer box on your property or near your house, it is in your best interest to inspect it regularly to ensure that the transformer label is easy to read and intact. Doing so can ensure the safety of other people who may be in the area.

Alert Your Utility Company of Problems

Any issue with a residential transformer box, no matter how small or minor it may seem, should immediately be reported to your utility company so repairs can be made or precautions can be taken to protect others. For example, if you ever notice that a residential transformer box has a lock that is broken or unlocked, it is very important to call your utility company right away.